Exploring Toxic Relationships with New Single “Wasted On You”

Toxic people are the worst, actually being drawn in and consumed by a toxic relationship is the worst. My new single “Wasted On You” is about exactly that.

I spent so much time thinking I was important enough in a relationship, only to discover I was completely blinded the entire time. I was infatuated, and wanted the attention I thought this person was giving me. I gave myself some time and space from this relationship, and as time passed so did the toxic haze I was operating under from this person.

There’s a double meaning to this song, the first part is feeling that intoxication of the relationship, the excitement, the attraction, it’s all-consuming, to the point where you feel like you’re just waiting for the text or the call from that person, and every scrap of their time they give you just feeds into the toxicity. The second part of it is, waking up and realizing that all of your time, your talent, your love and your effort in the relationship was totally wasted on them. The appreciation was never there. They never truly recognize exactly who you are, or what you might be going through. It was such a shitty experience to wake up one day, out of the fog and realize that I was in one of these relationships, but alas, “Wasted On You” was born. Listen to it here: http://ceem.bnd.lc/wastedonyou

Warm regards to you,