The Hype Magazine

“The song’s style ends up being a balanced fusion of Future Pop and EDM.”


“A beautiful illustration of the illusions that can occur in relationships.”



Gashouse Radio

"A sublimely surreal stylization to both its lyrics and instrumental parts."

Indie Pulse Music

"takes DnB textures and melds them into his silky synthpop melodies to create an anthemic, but wholeheartedly emotive, soundtrack for the summer."

FYIG Chats With EDM/Pop Artist CEEM


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“Self-described “emotronic” artist CEEM delivers an intriguingly stimulating new jam in “Better Than That,” a song that boldly fuses together shades of electropop, emo and post-punk for a wildly addictive summer cocktail that you won’t soon forget.”

Interview with

Vents Magazine

I wrote “Better Than That” as a response to a difficult time one of my relationships was experiencing.

"for every sizzling word that he croons we find an equally potent synth melody"



"With an eruption of decadent synthesized noise, “Better Than That,” the new single from CEEM, comes into focus and emits an elegant melodicism..."