Howdy all. As World Pride 2019 just wrapped up, it got me thinking about the allies I have had in my life and why I feel it’s important to discuss, because there are things happening in the world that demand our attention, and I believe we can all become better allies. 

I’ve been out of the closet for a long time now, and this pride got me reflecting on who my allies were as I was coming out, and without a doubt most everyone I can recall was a close female friend of mine, and really my coming out wasn’t really coming out, it was just my friends waiting for me to tell them I was gay. All these women in my life gave me support and we talked endlessly about being gay and the politics that surround it. But what I’ve been thinking about lately is the fact that more and more women need allies now, more so than ever before.

These same women that stood by me when I came out, I feel compelled to stand by them as I watch their rights erode, state by state and it tears me up and makes me angry as hell. I have talked to women in my life and asked for their opinion on how I can become a better ally, how I can contribute, and show them the same support they showed me through my life and that’s what I am really trying to say. Talk to women who have been your ally and ask how you can help become a better ally for them. It feels like a good time to pay some good shit forward :)