"It's just in my nature to be the instigator", sets the tone for CEEM's sophomore album "The Instigator". The first single "Instigator" sets the stage for his forthcoming album, infusing synth pop influences of the 80's and keeping with their 4 on the floor beat, "Instigator" is sure to get the crowd dancing. The second single "Killing You To Know", will be released January 13th 2017, and this keeps the energy up with inspired EDM beats and a thumping bass to keep you dancing. But CEEM isn't satisfied with just one version of a song, with "Killing You To Know", the vocal melody and harmonies are inserted with ease into an acoustic version, layered on top of acoustic guitar, and the "Disco-flix & Chill" version, melding the sounds of a smoky disco, with amped up strings, funk guitar and disco drums that were inspired by the disco greats. And that is what makes CEEM's latest endeavor so exciting. Never wanting to be pegged to on genre, he writes his songs as Dance/Pop, and then reworks them into new and varied versions to appeal to a wider audience. "The Instigator" takes listeners through an auto biographical journey, in hopes on connecting with his audience on a profound level, all while keeping the beat and energy pumping.


2016 was a tough year for everyone, and CEEM shares his experience with his audience with "The Instigator". Having been witness to and a victim of the tragedy that occurred in Nice France on Bastille Day in the summer of 2016, his song "Indigo" addresses tragedy and how he has coped with the fear that was instilled in him as a result. CEEM isn't a stranger to heartbreak either, with "Didn't Think" he touches on the one sided nature of being left by a lover. "The Instigator" takes his audience out of the darkness that plagues the world and hopes to Instigate of movement, and inspire more compassion and empathy in the world, as darkness is something that touches US ALL. The only way to overcome the darkness is with light, and not to leave his listeners heavy hearted, he shares with his listeners the characterization of wanting to be someone's "Fuck Boy". "The Instigator" doesn't shy away from any theme and there isn't a topic that is too taboo.


CEEM began his musical journey in an apartment in Seattle Washington in 2005, with his first full length release, "Creative Ways to Self Destruct". Creative Ways..., was inspired by the indie dance movement of the early 00's, with similar themes to that of "The Postal Service" and "Metric". After taking a break to recharge, his next release an EP titled, "Equilibrium", continued the mood from Creative Ways, but it takes a turn and moves into a more synth pop, 80's inspired sound. In his latest release "The Instigator", CEEM pulls from his early influences, David Bowie, Madonna, and The Eurythmics and begins fusing the sound with his later influences, Gus Gus, Daft Punk, Dragonette, and Lady Gaga. The result is pure a EDM, Pop infused record, that takes listeners through the synth heavy sounds of the 80's but with a fresh and modern twist.


"As the world becomes more divided, we need music and art to bring us together"! CEEM wants to be inclusive of everyone feeling marginalized by the events in the world, as he has witnessed and been a part of it first hand. "The future is where love needs to reign, we owe it to one another to protect one another", and CEEM isn't shying away from the fight and has more love to give then ever before.